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Boys Before Flowers: A Rewatch

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I strongly suggest reading my first review of Boys Before Flowers before reading this page as I am just going to jump right in. Usually, I don't blog when I rewatch a show, but I felt much differently about BBF after watching it a second time, that I thought it was at least worth writing about.

So, initially I gave BBF a C-. I wasn't sold on the casting and I was so married to the Japanese version that I don't think I gave this version a real chance. I think watching it a second time, knowing where it's going and how it's different from the Japanese version, I liked it a lot better. I think the primary reason for this is that the Korean version lets our leading couple have an actual relationship. The Japanese version is so short that Makino and Domyouji don't actually date at all during the series, with the exception of maybe a trip to the zoo.

Goo Joon Pyo and Geum Jan Di have an actual relationship. They spend time together and get to know one another (and kiss some! Yay!). I think watching this the first time, I wasn't expecting Ji Hoo's storyline to get pushed so hard that it distracted me from the chemistry happening between Jan Di and Jun Pyo.

That said, I think that Ji Hoo's storyline is still too much. He holds onto Jan Di too hard, for too long. I really appreciate the story lines that have this character step back and help his friends rather than holding a grudge against them. The terrible thing is Ji Hoo is such a nice guy that it's hard to really fully commit to Joon Pyo, when it's ruining Ji Hoo's life. I mean, Ji Hoo essentially proposes to Jan Di after she bails, knowing full well that she loves Joon Pyo. While I felt less torn about the relationship on a second watch, I think they should have backed Ji Hoo off sooner.

On that same note, I think Jae Kyung's character bothered me way worse the second time around. I mean by the time she realizes that Joon Pyo and Jan Di are in love, which I mean is sort of their fault for not just telling her, she pushes her relationship with Joon Pyo on them. How cruel is it knowing you're ruining someone's romance and then asking her to be a maid of honor? That was just brutal for someone who claims to be a friend. WTF? Her swooping in at the 11th hour doesn't really make up for the pain she's put them through. Yikes. I felt bad for her, but not that bad.

As always, Ga Eul and Yi Jung are totally adorable. I love ship them forever!!

So, in a rewatching this and recognizing it as its own story, I'd say it's a solid B.

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  1. I think the reason the arc of ji hoi is this long cuz shun oguri set expectations impossibly high. He plays a gentle and delicate rui one protective of the heroine and ahh! In general too good for this world :>] but tho I believe the actor playing his korean alter did his best, he is really bland and I think they could have made a better character from a piece of chalk, especially compared to min hoo ^^
    So ji hoo's scenes are really painful to watch and (despite the fairly good writing) I mostly sit it out hoping they'll end soon to move to the more interesting parts. Having seen the anime and the jdrama at the beginning I was like 'lol, what' but the show it pretty good, despite its many flaws, and actually made me watch other kdrama.